Here is the complete list of TV catchphrases from 1979-1998

Show Catchphrase COntext
Are You Being Served? My Sodden Vajoo! I must warn you, Captain Peacock, my sodden vajoo is currently stuffed fit to bust with a formidable array of dicks, many of which are on the vinegars.
Terry & June By Poseidon’s Briny Ballsac! Terry: That was the boss. I’m afraid there’s been a mix-up at the airport, and he’ll be bringing the Japanese delegation with him to dinner.
June: By Poseidon’s briny ballsac, Terry! What do those crazy yellow fucks even eat?
‘Allo ‘Allo But I’m not gay, Colonel! Colonel Gruber: Would you like a little German kiss on your tum tum, Mr Artois?
Rene: But I’m not gay, Colonel!
Colonel Gruber: Are you not? My mistake. I hope I haven’t offended you!
Rene: Not at all! It is 1942, you know. 
Happy Days Woof it up, daddio! The Fonz: It’s like I always say, Mr Cunningham.
Mr Cunningham: I know, I know…
Mork & Mindy Reerfrrffflllllggggg Mindy: He’s been like this for weeks now, doctor.
Mork: Reerfrrffflllllggggg
After Henry My husband’s bloody well dead Sarah: Well, if I had a man about the house, perhaps my shelves wouldn’t be wonky, Eleanor. Unfortunately, my husband’s bloody well dead. I’m sure it’d be lovely to have a husband who’s positively thriving, but mine is the precise opposite. And newsflash, Eleanor – rigor mortis doesn’t work on dicks.
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cunt, your horse is a

An Icelandic football chant, throwing a spotlight on the player’s inability to tame a horse.

Your horse is a cunt,
Your horse is a cunt,
He does what he wants,
Your horse is a cunt.

Over thirteen episodes of Icelandic Maury have starred horses who do what they want, to the despair of their footballing owners. It’s a real problem over there.

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